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Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money with Rupees 500000

Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money with Rupees 500000

Hey, everyone if you are thinking to start a business with rupees 200000 and you are looking like this business then this article of Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money with Rupees 500000 will help you to find your best business.

Business is such a thing in the world today, if implemented properly, you can earn a lot of money. The most important thing in business is your business idea and your capital investment. Although many people come up with different business ideas, they usually have low capital businesses, which is the primary reason for developing or starting a successful business.

Apart from this, if you want to do business in India with a capital investment of 500000 rupees, then you read this article completely. Today I will tell you about some profitable businesses that you can start now with ₹ 500000 investment.

Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money with Rupees 500000
Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money with Rupees 500000


1 Import Accessories from China and Sell Online
China’s products are really cheap, so you can start an online business by bringing a product from China with your own offline selling shop. You can do accessories such as mobile, car, electronic, electric, and not only that, you can import jewelry and you can make a good income by selling them online and offline.

You can start it by renting a shop to sell offline and you can also sell products on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal in e-commerce online platforms to sell online. You can also start this business up to ₹ 500000. If you get products from China at a very low rate and you send it to India at a cheap rate, then you get more and more customers.

2 Pest Control Business
We all know that the problem of pests is very much in every house such as cockroaches, bed bugs and other ants, insects, etc. So these pests make many living spaces in the house and spoil the garden, fruits vegetable in our house. Because of this, many people used to see the company of pests control service to control pests. It takes less investment to start this business.

In this, primary resources are chemical sprays, such as eradicate pests. You can earn good money from this business. And you can take this business to a big level. Potential customer restaurants, bars, housing society are all of this business.

Business Ideas to make money with Rupees 500000

3 Printing Business
Every business needs traditional media printing to do its marketing. And there is a lot of demand for this business in the market. Every business needs printing cards, banners, newspapers, leaflets, and all these things for marketing.

With printing, you also get work like flex printing and xerox and thus can increase this business even further. This business gives you a very good return on investment. For example, every business has to print a business card and the charge of printing this business card is very high and high in quantity. With which you can earn a lot of profits.

4 Clothing Store
Textile is the basic need of every people in their life, due to which this business is in great demand. Clothing Material and Readymade Cloth Everyone sees this shop customer. Because of this, you can earn good money by doing business of clothes store, you can start this business in India up to 500000 investment. In this way, you can open the business of clothes stores, male, female, kids, general clothes, etc.

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5 Wedding equipment rentals
This business gives you a chance to earn a lot of money in the special wedding season. For this, you should have wedding equipment that you can rent at different parties. In wedding equipment, you can get chairs, tables, decorative lamps and light, cloth for decoration, bambus, wire, etc.

You can sell this material at a higher rate or give it to the customer at a higher price or rent it. This business is a time investment business that you can keep reusing. Because of this, this business gives very good earnings. And you can start it with a budget investment of up to ₹ 500000.

Business Ideas for Rupees 500000

6 Disposal Cups & Plates Manufacturing
Disposal cups and plates almost all function in a wedding or birthday party, corporate event, there is a requirement of disposable cups and plates everywhere. That is why this business is a good business to invest up to ₹ 500000.

For this, you will have to purchase raw materials and setup of machinery, as well as manpower, will be required, so that you will be able to generate a good income. Or the business depends on the customer and what is the quality of your product, on which if seen today, paper and plastic cups are in more demand. You can also start this business with a machine.

6 import-export
Import Export Definitely is a profitable business. You can start with exporting food material. For this, you have to fulfill the legal obligation. Some charge you a custom charge for this. You can start this business with some initial capital investment. You can increase this business to a greater level by giving the service quality of import-export.

7 Food & Restaurant
Food restaurant is good profitable business. There is a lot of demand for this business in India. You can also start this business from a small place and make a decorative restaurant. You have to make an attractive restaurant where the customer can come more. Once you start a business on the initial investment, after the customer starts, you can increase this business and earn a good amount. You can build a good restaurant for up to Rs 500000.

Business ideas to start with 500000 Rupees 

8 Food trucks
The food truck is a new concept of the restaurant business. And you get a good income in this business. You will have to purchase a vehicle and you can sell whatever food sale you want to do on it. Food such as Biryani, South Indian dish, North Indian dish, Chinese, etc. It is quite easy to start this business and you can earn good money from this business. Your good business starts up to ₹ 500000.

9 Department store
A department store is a place where you can send multiple items. Like you can apply newspaper, branded food, daily use stuff, grocery, etc. Because of this, these stores are becoming popular day by day. You get a good income in this. To start this business, you need an investment of up to ₹ 500000. With which you can start a good business.

10 Wedding Planning & Wedding Photography
This business idea is very profitable. This is related to the business wedding which you can start with minimum investment. You will have to purchase equipment for the wedding. You can rent these wedding equipment. Or you can make the wedding planning contract. You can also do wedding photography with wedding planning and wedding photography is very good.

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