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Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money Under 100000 Rupees

Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money Under 100000 Rupees

Hey, readers welcome to another post of Digital Junctions. in this article, you will know about Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money Under 100000 Rupees. If you are thinking to start a business in a budget of up to one lakh, then there are many such businesses in the market that you can start well in one lakh rupees.

Today, in this article, we know which are the businesses that you can earn well by doing. In this article, we have told you about some business models that you can start with your investment up to ₹ 100000.

Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money Under 100000 Rupees
Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money Under 100000 Rupees


1 Online Store
Nowadays, the online craze has increased in people, due to which people prefer to buy more things online, that is why you can start an online business. To sell products online, you can buy Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. By connecting with such online e-commerce platforms, you can sell products online and at the same time create your own online store website. Where you can earn a good income by selling products online on this website.

2 Social Media Assistance Service
If seen nowadays, social media has become a very important marketing campaign for a large enterprise or small enterprises. In order to run many businesses and to increase the earning of their business, people increase business by marketing on social media. That is why you can start a social media assistant service business where you get a good earning opportunity.

Best Business Ideas to make money Under 100000

3 Used Car Dealerships
This is a good business, in which you do not feel much investment, you can start a good business with less investment. In this business, you have to find a car seller who wants to sell their car and their car has to be sold to the customer.

You can add your commission to it. Or you can take a commission from those whose cars you are selling. In this, you have to make your office at a convenient location, you can start second-hand car purchase and sale business. You can get a good income in this business.

4 Coaching Centers
If you are good in any subject or hobby. So, you can open a good institute on this subject or at that time. You feel less invested in it and if you want, you can make a good and big institute with more investment in it.

Nowadays, many boys and people like to get coaching from private institutes for jobs and careers. So you can start your own institute according to your profession. Earnings are very good at this.

5 e-Rickshaw Business (Tuk Tuk)
E-rickshaw business is really a profitable business because many people use e-rickshaws to move from one place to another living in a city and town.

Due to this it is a very good business and this e-rickshaw comes up to ₹ 100000 or you can also take it on rent on a daily rental basis. Or you can also start the business of renting e-rickshaws. This business is a very profitable business in Tire to Indian City.

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Business Ideas For Rupees 100000/-

6 Drives with OLA / UBER
If seen nowadays, then who does not use Ola and Uber for transportation. That is why you can start a business together with Ola and there. To do this business, you have to buy 1 second-hand car for one to two lakh rupees and you can earn good money by renting Ola and Uber companies.

The process of connecting the car between Ola and Uber is easy and simple. This business can give you a lot of profit. Going forward, you can make more income by taking your own car.

Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money Under 100000 Rupees
Profitable Best Business Ideas to make money Under 100000 Rupees

7 Moving and Packing Service
You can do the moving and packing service business. Because everyone keeps relocating their household goods or something, they see good packaging service. You can start a business with less investment, you can also do this business by joining with third-party provider service.

Initially, you carry cartons and packaging material in small quantities and with a big transportation vehicle. If you do not have a vehicle for transportation, then you can start this business by joining with any transportation service.

And to do this business, you may initially budget up to ₹ 100000, plus you have to do some registration and formalities of the business. This business gives you a golden opportunity to earn well. And you can take it to a bigger level as well.

8 Party Planning Service
You can do this business in a budget of up to ₹ 100000. Because nowadays everyone keeps doing some party or events for which it gives a party contracts to the company that services the event planner. And this business earns very well.

Some Segment is:
Special occasions such as wedding, birthday
The conference
Showroom Opening and Product Launching
Finding The venues
Organizing Food, Entertainment, and Decor
Selecting The Design Theme
Sending invitations
Welcome the guest
Coordinating Event Schedule
Handling unforeseen situations
Evaluating the success of the event

While doing this business, you have to do a well-managed organization with full detail and research manner. The investment in this business is mainly in trained manpower, uniforms, building network of suppliers and marketing, and space for offices on rent. For this, you have the delivery van for material transportation in bulk. In this business, you can charge fees according to your profession. You get a good income in this business.

Business Ideas to Start with rupees 100000/-

9 Beauty Parlor
If you get all the work of a beauty parlor, then with a small investment, you can take place on your own rent and train manpower. You can open a nice beauty parlor with nice interior design. In this, you have to buy beauty products. In beauty parlors, you can give such services like spas, nails, waxing, tanning, etc. And you can give this service to men, women and children or combination. In this, you can charge the price according to your service.

Some Segment is:
Regular Customer at the store
Kitty party
Bridal makeup
For makeup for birthday and other events

10 Men’s Salon

Just like a beauty parlor, you can open a man salon for men, this business can be open in your budget up to ₹ 100000, in which you have to take a shop rent. And if you get the job of saloon then it is a good thing or you will have to learn. In this, you can open two shops by buying two chairs and a salon product. You can earn well in this business. This business is an always running business.

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