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Profitable 14 Best Business Ideas to make money with 1000000

Profitable 14 Best Business Ideas to make money with 1000000

Hey, this post of Profitable 15 Best Business Ideas to make money with 1000000 will help you.

It takes capital investment to do business. There are some businesses that have less capital investment and some businesses which have more capital investment. Today in this article, we will know what is best if you have a capital investment of ₹ 1000000. A profitable business can be done.

Profitable 15 Best Business Ideas to make money with 1000000
Profitable 15 Best Business Ideas to make money with 1000000

1 Franchise Stores

Investment: 6 to 8 lakh
Return of investment period: 6 to 8 months
Today there are many such brands in the market that are well established. See you franchisees of such companies. The company whose business you like. If that company has a franchise, then you can open a franchise store by taking a franchise from that company. Like when you take a franchise, you get pre-sold customer base data, the franchisee provides continuum support and operational, training, and managerial support from the pre-opening stage, thereby starting a proper functioning store.

With a budget of ₹ 1000000,

you can easily open a franchise store of a good brand.

Do good research while opening a franchise store and take a franchise of a good company. You get a lot of franchise options such as health care units, restaurants, boutiques, department stores, salons, daycare centers, gaming zones, fitness centers, coaching centers, Vocational Training Institute, you can visit this website.

Pro tip: Be careful while investing. And evaluate basic factors such as brand reputations, franchisors experience, your own ability skills for business, store location, market demand, future prospects, competitors, etc.

Business Ideas to make money with 1000000

2 Gadget Stores
Investment: 800000
ROI Period: 6 to 8 months

If seen now, the Internet has an edge and it is going to grow a lot in front. There will be few people who do not have phone laptops or PCs. Because of this, there are gadgets that are connected such as headphones, speakers, home theater systems, gaming gadgets, VR systems, fitness trackers, cameras, etc.

And it remains in demand with all electronic devices. And people also like to buy them. People come looking for this shop. Gadgets have good demand, you can sell them by setting up a shop offline as well as on the e-commerce portal website. And you can also create your own online store. In this way, you can also increase this business.

Pro Tip: Also you can start its servicing and repair center, which gives you a better benefit. In this, you can do service plus such as home delivery, gifting options, etc.

3 Cleaning Business
Investment: 2 to 5 lakh
ROI Period: 6 months

Cleaning is an essential thing. Ignores business. But with the right approach, this business is a very profitable business. You can earn well in this. This business has very good potential.

You can also start with investments beyond ₹ 200000. You can start it with a few places at the beginning such as Cleaning of Homes, Commercial Complex, Water Tanks, etc. Develop mechanized systems for each process and train your personal well. You will always have some labor requirements, especially for urban houses and offices, so if you perform well.

You can talk and visit such places as hospitals, temples, and shrines, apartment complexes, hotels, museums, galleries, educational institutions, etc.

4 Delivery Service
Investment: 1 to 2 lakhs
ROI Period: 3months

Whenever we think about delivery in mind. So we think about food delivery. But it is not that there are many delivery services that you can do. Such as food delivery from a restaurant, product delivery from the supermarket, flowers, gifts, dry cleaning, etc.

If seen in India, FedEx is a very popular delivery service company that also provides logistics and also provides international express delivery service at a large level.

In this business you do not have to do any kind of manufacturing, only you do not connect with the local store and you have to explain your delivery plan. This way you can start the delivery service. There is a good income in this and you can take it to a big level.

In the beginning, you can start the delivery service with the city of mother-in-law and later you can increase it gradually.

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5 Travel Holiday Planner
Investment: 3 to 5 lakh
ROI Period: 6 to 8 months

People nowadays like to spend more and more of their time traveling on travel, that’s why the travel business is booming. There is a lot of chance of growth in the travel business. You can do this as a holiday planner. You have to do research. And book travel for the customer by making a plan.
You can make a standard plan tour for the customer, good service and standard plan is required.
You can start it from your home. You can start this business with just an internet and a laptop or you can start work by making a good office of it. You can also take planning trip educational organization of tour packages and bulk booking from office in which you get the more profit margin.

Pro Tip: You need to know about the holiday planning industry and later you can start offering services such as for kids, weekend getaways, family holidays, new weddings, for students, adventure and exploration, educational or cultural tour, religious excursions, for senior citizens, etc.

6 Online stores
Investment: 1 to 3 lakh
ROI Period: 6 to 8 month’s

Nowadays the Internet has an edge and it is going to grow in front of it, due to this, it has become common to shop and sell things on the Internet. Because of which, if you create an online store of something physically or electronic or digital, then you start a good business. You can sell from lovely pieces of art, handmade gifts for various occasions, designer home decor objects, clothes, jewelry, homemade cookies, chocolates, pickles, sauces.

You can register with these online e-commerce portal website and sell your product.

7 Spa Services
Investment: 8 to 10 lakh
ROI Period: 10-15 months

Many people are in stress due to everyday life, due to this, they look for a spa massage service for mental and physically relaxation. It is connected to the Business Natural Therapy Center.

Spa culture is on the rise in India. If you talk about common spa treatment then it includes body treatment, facials, massage, aromatherapy, hair removal, hydrotherapy, manicures, and pedicures, etc. Massage range from Ayurvedic to Exotic massage with herbal and aromatic oils.

This business depends on your investment, in which you get quality products and equipment as well as personal manpower higher heat.

For its marketing, you can create a simple brochure and by making leaflets you can reach your business to the customer. There is a good income in spa service and you can also grow this business.

8 Complete Home Maintenance Solution
Investment: 2 lakh
ROI Period: 3 to 4 months

To start this business, you can start from 200000, you can get its return of investment in three to four months. In this business you get Individual House Owner, Apartment Manager, Apartments Owner, Complexes and Small Retail, Commercial Outlet, you can start the work of complete maintenance and repair service of all these. While doing this business, you can do an annual recharge from the client without any problem.

In this business, you can provide such services as electrician, plumber, cleaner, paste control, water purifier maintenance, carpenter, mobile repair, computer laptop repair, etc. In this business idea, your work is also done on the phone, the customer needs to explain the need for maintenance. You can start this business from your home also with a phone computer internet. For this, you have the necessary tools, vehicle, and house call maintenance.

9 Dog Breeder:
Investment: 10 lakh
ROI Period: 12 to 15 months
This is the best business idea, who nurtures their small dog if they like to eat for the dog, then you can start a dog breeder business, it gives a very good profit. The food quality of the dog has to be given to you. When you start this business, then you can earn even better by selling it through advertising and online portal for marketing it.
To start this business, you will get a profit of Rs 1000000 Investment Successful later in the day.

You can also mix the dog breeder who is the contender of the dog shows.

If you are in your business can increase if you belly care industry gently saloon can also start and day creches and vacation boarding for pets.

10 Fitness Center
Investment: 6 to 10 lakh
ROI Period: 8-12 months

Everybody wants to be fit and good health with their body. That is why many people spend their time and money to a good well fit fitness center. That is why if you open a fitness center, then you get a good profitable business in it. The return of investment is also good.

This is a one-time investment in equipment fitted in a fitness center. If you start with cardio equipment for fitness center weight lifting, you start with good trainers and managers and get good business. Whenever you open this, then do a good property search, targeted population, local competition, market demand, and supply, etc. Pay attention to it.

You have printed flyers, advertising, or via the online route for the marketing of the business. In this, you can give an attractive offer and service, as well as add diet consultation and yoga so that you can get more enrollments.

11 Music and dance classes
Investment: 3 to 6 Lakhs
ROI Period: 6 to 8 months

This activity is enjoyed by almost all youngsters and adults. If you musician or dancer, you can make a music academy and the dance academy open with very little investment. You can open a small studio by buying or renting a space where you can teach people.

And when your business starts running and you want to increase the business, then you can increase the faculty by hiring a professional trainer. In this business, you can give classical western as well as model forms such as dance, vocal, and music. The demand in the business market gives you an opportunity to the business quite well earned because of this.

You can take your business to school, community center online, and mouth publicity through students.

12 Growing Exotic Plants and Hubs
Investment: Two to four lakh
ROI Period: 5 to 8 months

Home Mega Bass reception Bagh office in the backyard, plants, add a very desirable special nature in our daily life in the concrete jungle. If you enjoy more in gardening then you will get more interest in this business. While doing this business, you should take knowledge of gardening. And you can earn good money by cultivating it.

If you have this business in front of or behind your house, then by starting a garden there, you can start your business by growing different flowering plants, shrubs, and herbs there. Gradually, you can find flower cacti, bass, bonsai, etc. By cultivating such foreign plants, you can increase business. You can not only sell them as plants but can also send Indore decoration items to both the house and Vani Jag places.

In this business because you can develop organic vegetables and fruit which gives you a lot of high-priced ones like fresh-cut vegetables and organic overeating. If you do this kind of business, this business can give you a lot of money, for this you will have to install garden space and necessary beach and equipment.

13 Online advertising
Investment: Two of four million
ROI Period: 10 to 12 months

If seen in India today, the internet market is booming. Because of this, the online advertising market, whose revenue comes out to 600 crores, of which three to four percent is from the total advertising market. You can also income from the space given for advertising on the website.

In this business, you have to get a good understanding of good online advertising. On the Internet, you will need sharp analytical and networking skills. You can develop this by doing some courses and such is available from many internet marketing institutes from where you can become a specialist.

Online advertising is the need of every company, so this business is in great demand in the market and in the coming days, the internet is going to grow and your business can also grow.

14 Water purification unit
Investment: 4 to 6 lakhs
ROI Period: 7 months

Water is Purifikeshn unit or a good business reason for this business you can provide clean water and Potable water people. This business is a very profitable business. Many people boil water or install Aro filters to drink pure and good water.
To start this business, you have to install the setup of the water purification unit, packaging, and delivery of the product. Purified water-sealed cans large 20 liters

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