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Best Business Ideas to make money under 5000 Rupees Right Now

Best Business Ideas to make money under 5000 Rupees Right Now

Hello Friends, all of you are welcome in this article of Digital Junctions‘. we will tell you Best Business Ideas to make money under 5000 Rupees Right Now. if you are thinking about doing business in less investment like ₹ 5000 then yes you can start a business in 5000 low investment.

So now we know which are the businesses that we can start at a low investment of ₹ 5000. If seen in today’s date, ₹ 5000 is not much rupee and in this rupee, we can start a good business.

Best Business Ideas to make money under 5000 Rupees Right Now
Best Business Ideas to make money under 5000 Rupees Right Now

1 Breakfast Service

On the street side, you can start a nice breakfast and snacks that too for a small amount. There are many people in Special India who like to eat the food items of the state which are famous or snacks are famous.

For example, Idli Dosa Chole Bhature Omelette Boil with egg buns with butter jam and tea coffee can start at less than a low investment such as a Business of 5000.

2 Handymen

You can start the work of handyman There are many such works in the market, which you can become a handyman, such as electrical repair, plastering and painting, plumbing, you can work as a handyman with those who are working contractors.

In the same way, for example, there is another work such as depositing the check of anyone in the bank because there are many customers who do not like to go to the bank and line up or they do not have that much time. So you can do this kind of work.

Best Business Ideas to make money under 5000 Rupees

3 Real estate agent
In many big CTOs, flats, plots, land, shops, ready-made houses, duplexes, all those who have to buy it are difficult to know. That is why you can become the agent of these things, which is called a real state agent, for this you should only have a mobile phone and a contact network.

And to find such people who want to sell these things or want to rent them, you have to mix them with the people who buy them. You get two or three percent commission in return.

And if you want to do this business on a big level, then you have to request an office and some people will have to join you to do business which can be from ₹ 50000 to ₹ 100000.

4 Hospital Care Giver
If you have some basic skills to physically challenge people who are ill and handle senior citizens person, then you can do the business of hospital caregiver, this is a very good business idea.

For this, you can tell the nurse and ward boy for this work and can give you such service. For which you can charge shift from 500 to 1000 rupees.

5 Tea Shop
Nowadays you will see that there is a very simple business that is running, you can also do business on tea and coffee by taking a large kettle of hot water, tea, and sugar on your bicycles.

For this, you must have a bike. You should keep driving the bike and should have a driving license on the bike.

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Best Business Ideas for 5000 Rupees

6 Printer less photocopier
You can start this business by taking a printer cum xerox machine around 3000 to 5000.

7 Tuition Center for Primary Classes
This is a very good business, for this, you do not need to have much money, you can start it around ₹ 2000. And you can also enlarge it slowly.

8 Fruit Juice Shop
This business depends on which fruit shop you want to set up. And in this way, you can make a stall on a nice street side of fruit juice up to 5000 by selecting the fruit.

9 Newspaper and magazine stall
You can also start this business, people love to read newspapers and magazines, so you can put a newspaper and magazine stall on a street site for up to ₹ 5000.

10 Laundry and iron service
Demand for this business is everywhere because everyone likes washing their clothes, that’s why you can start a lottery service business up to ₹ 5000. And people also like putting clothes pressed, you can do running the business in it.

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