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Best Business Ideas to make money under 10000 Rupees Right Now

Best Business Ideas to make money under 10000 Rupees Right Now

Hello, friends welcome back to digital junctions another post and in this post. we will tell you some Best Business Ideas to make money under 10000 Rupees Right Now Which you can start and make money. If you have only 10000 rupees and you will think from this money you can do it something like your interesting business then yes you can start with that money.

If you want to do business in 10000. And thinking that I start my own business in a low investment of up to 10,000. So you can start with a low investment budget of ₹ 10000.

Best Business Ideas to make money under 10000 Rupees Right Now
Best Business Ideas to make money under 10000 Rupees Right Now

1 Food Delivery Service
Food delivery service is a business model in which you do not have to suffer much, it is a very simple business model. You have to connect with the local restaurants and hotels near you which do not have any delivery system. You take orders from the customer and take food from the preferred restaurant they have delivered to the customer’s house. In this business model, the delivery boy takes the parcel from the restaurant and delivers it to the customer. In this business model, you take delivery charges from the customer and you can also take a commission from the restaurant.

2 Plan trips
If you have the passion to go on trips and have knowledge then you can give guidance to people on soft adventure trips such as rafting, trekking, angling (sport fishing), wildlife safari, birding, camping, etc. And this business also gives you a chance to become an entrepreneur. And many companies also work for Exciting Destination where you can earn more profits.

Business Ideas to make money with 10000 Rupees

3 Fitness center
Out of all the business, this is a very good business option for you. Because nowadays people pay a lot of attention to their health and you can start this business from a small level, a small gym or fitness center can generate good big revenue at your best convenient location.

4 Tiffin service
This is a very simple business model. In this business, where you have college students and employees of any company, you can earn a good income by running the business of Tiffin Service.

5 Small Scale Restaurants
Out of all the businesses, this business is the best business that you can start-up to a budget of ₹ 10000. You have to provide dinner to people in this business so that you can earn a good income. And by starting this business online, you can give food to the customer at their home in your nearby area.

6 Fruit juice kiosk
You can also start fruit juice business with a low investment of ₹ 10000. In this business, which fruit juices you have to sell, you have to dissect it. You can earn a good income from this business.

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Business Ideas for 10000

7 Tuition or coaching centers
If you have complete knowledge about a subject, then you can take tuition or open a coaching center for that subject and this business earns a lot. Only you should have knowledge of any subject in it.

8 Vehicle wash
If you have a place, then you can start the business of washing bikes, cars, trucks like this from there. If you do not have space, then you can wash the bike and car by going to the customer’s house and in this way, you can start a business and earn good money in it.

9 Pani puri stall
You can do water puri business by making a good stall up to ₹ 10000 and you can earn good profits by putting it near the IT area too. People always like to eat Panipuri. Apply it in a crowded place.

10 Puncher Shop
You can set up a small puncture shop for a two-wheeler, if you find this work well or you can hire someone at your shop and you can be the owner of this puncture shop. In this shop, you can also do small work of two-wheeler.

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